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Box Office Collection Opening Day of Aamir Khan Dangal Movie

Opening Day of Aamir Khan Dangal Movie, Ater the Great Success of Pk Now you Can Read the of Dangal. LatestBollywoodReviews.com

 Opening Day of Aamir Khan Dangal Movie

Opening Day of Aamir Khan Dangal Movie:

Amir Khan’s Dangal is setting records even on second Sunday. What’s more, moderate drop even on eleventh Day.

Amir Khan starrer motion picture Dangal is inspiring hit to hit reaction. On fifth day,6th day, seventh and eighth day additionally Dangal accumulations are expanding step by step, Amir can get to be distinctly next King Khan of Bollywood.

Dangal is getting great reaction over Box Office as on the fourth day of the underlying discharge it had ready to mint more than even aggregate gathering of a few motion pictures. In four days just the gathering spans to 132.43 crore which immense in contrast with different motion pictures.

Third Day accumulations are brain boggling, Dangal has broken all the primary week gathering records and entered in 100 crore club. Third day gathering i.e. on Sunday Dangal had most noteworthy accumulation ever in Bollywood History.

Dangal :

Dangal discharged and began with enormous opening, first day accumulations are out and in joined (Hindi,Tamil,Telugu) gathering Dangal remains on second position in opening day accumulation after Salman Khan starrer Sultan. The following are first day accumulation look at.

Amir Khan starer motion picture Dangal is tallying its days to discharge and individuals are as highly energized as the cast and team. Title tune DangalDangal is as of now discharged and respected in all ways.

Dangal films’ another melody Dhaakad softening the web this time up which Amir Khan’s little girls are battling with young men and wins grants. The Haanikarak Bapu tune from the film Dangal touching hearts of everybody since it portrays love in risk.

This time Amir Khan featured motion picture Dangal is breaking every one of the records before its underlying discharge. Trailer of the motion picture has turned out to be most seen trailer in only 4 days abandoning Sultan and Shivaay on second and third position.

Opening Day of Aamir Khan Dangal Movie:

Amir Khan, Mr. Stickler is known for his pledge to discharge just a single motion picture in a year and it works. He do things extremely close to flawlessness his films are record-breaking blockbuster, get to be distinctly top of and he is the main individual in the Bollywood Industry who have guts to break all the past records whether it is of his own or others.


Aamir thinks of one of a kind story each time since much sooner than however the thing is that behind his prosperity the one of a kind story functions as well as his devotion towards his work additionally the primary reason. Group of onlookers like his perspective of picking film and doing it with full exertion.

His earlier year discharged film PK was the most astounding netting motion picture in the Bollywood history and earned around more than 600 crore everywhere. This is not the first occasion when he liked this but rather his Dhoom 3 was additionally the record breaker film.

Albeit each record is made to break some time or another so as happened with Dhoom 3and PK. Them two beaten by Salman Khan’s Kick and Bajrangi Bhaijan.

In Dangal Amir Khan is assuming the part of wrestler for that he needs to put on 22 kg hold up. Really in each film you see Amir with various Avtaar it might the fleeting memory misfortune in Ghajini, propelled cheat in Dhoom 3 and an outsider from other gola in PK in each motion picture he assumed diverse part in various standpoint.

Opening Day of Aamir Khan Dangal Movie:

Dangal is not a perfect film, but then few films are. It’s overlong at 2 hours and 41 minutes, and it’s both simple and simplistic in places. But it’s a solid and satisfying watch, a well crafted look at what went into the creation of two sporting champions. It’s a film that makes the heart swell…when it isn’t pounding from all the excitement of the bouts. I’m going with four out of five.

On the whole, DANGAL is a masterpiece. A terrific film that stays in your heart and remains etched in your memory much after the screening has concluded. A brilliant film that restores your faith in Hindi cinema. Actually, it won’t be erroneous to state that DANGAL is the finest film to come out of the Hindi film industry in a long, long time and mark my words, it will be remembered as a classic in times to come. It blends drama, emotions, sportsmanship and patriotism extraordinarily… the icing on the cake being Aamir Khan’s towering act. This rich-in-merits film has a major advantage too — the holidays ahead [Christmas and New Year] — which will ensure a glorious run at the ticket counters. A must, must watch

On the whole, Dangal is not just a movie; it is an experience to be cherished. It is extremely engaging, brilliantly entertaining and phenomenally patrio­tic in its feel. It is as much a film for the young as for the old, as much for the classes as for the masses, as much for the city audience as for the viewers in small towns and villages, as much for the rich as for the poor, as much for the multiplex audience as for the single-screen cinema audience, as much for the men as for the women. It has special appeal for the ladies and it has terrific repeat value. To say that it will prove to be a blockbuster is to state the obvious. The film is destined to be one of the biggest blockbusters of Indian cinema. In fact, it can turn out to be THE BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER EVER!

Director Nitesh Tiwari hits the familiar notes of the sports film in which the underdog becomes a champion. But Dangal works because it is about so much more — this is a film about an authoritarian but loving father and his determined daughters. It’s about the immense personal sacrifices and rigour that sport demands — for these girls, long hair, nail polish and even pani puri were luxuries.

This is by far the most credible an Indian sport film has ever felt, with even the commentators getting in on the action, giving most of us a tutorial in how to watch the sport.Dangal teaches us where rainbows lie in wrestling, and while it is a celebration of true greats — and true grit — this isn’t about one sport. India needs to watch this film for the way it puts the ‘her’ in ‘hero.

‘But this is clearly Aamir’s film. It wouldn’t have been made if he hadn’t green-lit it, and he brings to it the sincerity of purpose which makes it not just a starry vehicle, but a film which is about something, which has meaning, with a message which doesn’t overwhelm the telling. It could have easily turned into a vanity project, which is a clear and present danger. It could have been made more polished that it needed. But it stays real, because the star ratchets it up when required, and lets it go in the rest..

Sport is at its centre but the essence of Dangal lies in the simple highs and lows of the people Tiwari chronicles.Unlike the overblown Sultan with a somewhat similar milieu, Tiwari’s account of inspiring reality is lot more understated in its approach. Two of its most poignant scenes are its quietest too — when Geeta weeps bitterly in the middle of heartbreaking haircut and Phogat’s crushed look as he takes off in a rickshaw immediately after entrusting his daughter’s fate to a snarky new coach (Girish Kulkarni)

1st Day – 29.78 crore
2nd Day – 34.82 crore
3rd Day – 42.35 crore

4th Day – 25-48 crore
Total in 4 Days – 132.43 crore

5th Day – 23.07 crore
Total in 5 Days – 155.53 crore

6th Day – 21.20 crore
Total in 6 Days – 176.73 crore

7th Day – 20.29 crore
Total in 7 Days – 197.48 crore

8th Day – 18.59 crore
Total in 8 Day – 216.07 crore

9th Day – 22.72 crore
Total in 8 Days – 238.79 crore

10th Day – 32.04 crore
Total in 10 Days – 270.83 crore

11th Dau – 13.45crore
Total in 11 Days – 284.28 crore

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